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Most items are one off designs which makes them unique as the individual who will choose them! We are intuitive jewelers dedicated to finding eye catching, vintage statement pieces. It is our mission to help the eco-friendly footprint in the fashion industry by recycling the old into someone else's new. May this bring as much joy to y'all as it does to us.


Sizzix Style's

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  • Fashion with a low carbon footprint!

    Did you know that "fast fashion" is a major threat to our environment? 100 Billion items produced yearly, 14 for each human, 3 in 5 will be discarded by the end of the year! Vintage clothes are not only unique but they lower the carbon footprint! Imagine if everyone in the world bought one "recycled" fashion item a year, not seemingly a large sacrifice to reduce 7.9 BILLION peices of prospected trash.

  • Located deep in the heart of Texas.

    Curated by Karman Canvas. Avid designer of all arts and crafts, always looking for something new & creative to learn or try. Muralist, graphic designer, and canvas artist.

    Designed by Dianne Adair. Her inspiration taken from training horses on the Kentucky Derby racetracks to the hustle and bustle around the city of Austin. She has a keen eye for vintage items & has been collecting items for over twenty plus years.

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    Contact us for custom designs, questions, or concerns!